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Thursday, September 23, 2004
back seat of the station wagon

For a long time, one of my favorite sayings has been, "You can't drive in the rear-view mirror." Meaning it's hard to move forward, when you're constantly looking backward. It's easy to see that when it's applied to driving a car - not so easy sometimes when it's applied to living a life. But to be constantly looking back, grieving over the past - well, it makes it hard to go forward, doesn't it?

On the other hand...

I drive a station wagon. I need to; I got a whole slew of kids (hmmm - that's assuming that 7 kids = 1 slew). So I need all the seating of a station wagon. All the seating!

If you're not familiar with how a station wagon is set up, the front seats, naturally, face forward. And the middle seats face forward. But the seats in the very back face backwards.

And those back two seats are where my youngest two kids sit. Not that they like sitting back there. Any time they see a chance of sitting elsewhere, they will go for it: "Can I sit in the middle? Please? Please please please?"

Which explains why so often as I'm driving, when I glance in the rear-view mirror - I will see two young faces looking back at me from that rearmost seat. Instead of them sitting properly in their seats, facing backwards, buckled in (the way they were when we started out), they will have turned around and are now obviously up on their knees, facing forward, hanging over the seat.


They were doing it again Wed morning. And here I was trying to drive forward while glancing repeatedly in the rear-view mirror, calling out their names, demanding that they sit down the right way and stay in their seat belts!

Which is what triggered off this set of thoughts.

You see, so often lately, I have been either trying to live in the rear-view mirror, pining for what is behind me that I no longer have, cringing over past mistakes that can never be undone. Or I have been craned around peering over the seat at what's coming, trying to see it before I get there: "Are we there yet? How 'bout now? Well, how 'bout now!"

And the driver gently - not hollering, the way I do too much - but very gently - sits me back down the way HE wants me to be, and fastens my seat belt around me, and tells me not to worry. 'Cause HE's the one driving, not me - and HE knows the way HE's taking me, and how long it will take. As for me, I should get relax and enjoy the scenery. And just let HIM drive.

King Jesus knows where HE is taking me. And HE likes to tell me about what it's gonna be like, when I get there. Or when we get there. 'Cause HE's going with me.

I just gotta remember to let HIM drive.

No running ahead - no lagging behind. Just content. Content where HE has me now......and again now......and again now. For every now of my life.

Now, that's the way to ride!

that was awesome!
i love it!
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