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Saturday, September 25, 2004
peace, happiness, and office furniture

~~~as originally posted @ the infrequent blogger on friday, 17 sept 04~~~

Several years ago, before I met my late husband, I worked in an office. I was the file clerk. Business was booming back then, and every so often one of the file cabinets would become so full that I could barely cram another sheet of paper in - much less, put my hand in to pull the files out to find things. When that would happen, I would tell my supervisor, and she would order a new file cabinet.

One day, during the interval between ordering a new file cabinet and it being delivered, I was trying to fit just one more bit of paper into an already overstuffed drawer. I remember saying to myself in frustration, ‘I’ll be happy when I get that new file cabinet.’

And I distinctly heard a voice (but no one was there) say to me in reply, ‘Why can’t you be happy now?’


I’ve thought about that one for years.


As for peace…

For months now, ever since April, whenever I pray, I hear the LORD saying to me, ‘Be at Peace.’

Hmmm…You’d think I would figure it out, that if I’m being told to be at peace - it means I’m not really at peace. Right?

I am notorious for being slow on the uptake. sigh

Well, from April till now has not exactly been the most peaceful period of my life. Mostly on the inside - the battlefield of the mind.

But then a few days ago, I had a vision of the LORD giving me swimming lessons. I saw myself floating on my back in the water, and could feel the LORD’s hand under my back, holding me up. No matter how deep the water would get. (And I don’t like being in water that’s over my head.)

Sweet vision. So peaceful.

Then came Saturday’s night yell-fest at GOD - and Sunday morning, as chronicled in ‘Compassion.’ And now?

Peace is my choice. I can’t always choose my circumstances, but I can choose my reactions. I choose Peace. And I may mess up tomorrow! Because the enemy of our souls is relentless, and he does not want me to be at Peace, but in turmoil.

But I choose to be at Peace even in the heart of the storm, as it rages all around me.

So help me, LORD Jesus.


This is the last post I plan to import from the infrequent blogger. I could probably go ahead and shut that blog down, but I guess I'll at least give it a couple more days, just to see if anyone is even looking at it anymore.

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