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Thursday, September 23, 2004
the post that titled this blog - updated

I originally posted this on my previous blog, the infrequent blogger, last wednesday, 15 sept 04:

Timing. Timing is everything; remember that.

Monday afternoon, I was just starting to compose a new post for this blog, writing about what I call 'mental radio' - when I suddenly couldn't get into the blogger site anymore. So I decided to reboot.

And my computer died.


That was Monday afternoon. Monday evening, I got an envelope in the mail.

With a check in it.

A very nice substantial check.

So...Tuesday, I went and bought a new computer!

Like I said, timing is everything.


And, by the way, there is no such thing as coincidence. Things like this happen to me a lot. This was GOD's doing, arranging for the money to show up just when I needed it.

[Mental note: remember to blog about the washing machine.]

Most of the time, the 'coincidences' of my life are not about money, though, I might add. More often, it's things like I mentioned in 'Compassion' - three different people giving me the same Bible verse within 24 hours - things like that.

Nice when it is money though - when I need it.

So - thank YOU so much, LORD Jesus - for my new computer. May I only use it to please YOU.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog...


Mental radio - that's what I call it. When you get a tune stuck in your head, and it just keeps playing over and over again in the back of your head. And sometimes it is horribly annoying, because it's a tune you hate!

For me, most of the tunes on the radio station of the mind are from my growing-up years. 70's mostly. Some 80's. Some 60's. Even some 50's, from before I was born. Ancient history!

Monday's tunes were a lot of ABBA: 'Take a chance on me' and 'Knowing me, knowing you.' (I wasn't especially an ABBA fan, by the way.)

The weird part lately is that I have been noticing a correlationship between what's playing on Mental Radio, and what's going on in my life.

For example...

I have a dear friend. We are so close, our nickname for each other is 'twin.' I love him like I love my own brother.

He has had a lot of hurts in his life. A lot. And I pray for him a lot.

He was recently going through a particularly rough time. And during that time, it finally dawned on me (took a few days; I am well known for being clueless) that the tune that kept running through my head was Elton John's 'Daniel.' Not all of it; I couldn't remember all the lyrics; I still don't. Mostly, it was the phrase 'Daniel my brother' and the line 'Do you still feel the pain from the scars that won't heal?'

And it hit me - that song was in my head because of my friend, my twin. All those old wounds (and new ones too). And that this was a call for me to pray for him. A lot.


I mentioned that sometimes it's a song you hate. That happened this morning. I was fixing my son a sandwich for his school lunch. Not a PBJ, but I had noticed the jar of marmalade when I was bringing out the sandwich fixings. And suddenly that song about Lady Marmalade started running through my head!

Ugh - I do not like that song. I know enough French to understand the French portion of the song - NOT one of my favorites!

(Can you tell that I was annoyed?)

Ah, but remember what I said earlier about timing?

Lady Marmalade in the song was in New Orleans. And when I recognized that in the song, I was truly floored.

You see, a little earlier while I was online, a friend had pointed me to this posting here.

That post ends with a call to pray - for New Orleans. And my mental radio was also a call to pray.

So please, everyone who reads this: please pray for the people of New Orleans - pray for everyone in the path of Hurricane Ivan - for mercy, for repentance, for opened eyes. As when Jonah went and preached to the people of Nineveh, and they repented and disaster was averted (for a time).

Please. Please pray.


And now for the updates: as I was contemplating reposting the above here at mental radio, I was considering editing it, since the part about Hurricane Ivan was no longer timely - and anyway, he missed New Orleans.

Well...seems ol' Ivan is back somehow - churning away in the Gulf, and not far from New Orleans again!

He is actually supposed to hit further west than that, I understand. But praying for those in the path of the renewed Ivan.

Thank you.

(Timing is still everything!)


Oh. And I took the new computer back, and I'm trying to get the dead one fixed now instead.

(Hmmm...Still need to blog about the washing machine...)

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