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Wednesday, September 22, 2004
pot holes

It rained over the weekend. And I mean, rained! I told the kids it was raining cats and dogs, and one of the kids asked if they could go outside and get them some pets then.

Seriously - one of the kids really said that. No doubt about it - my kids take after me!

And with the rains, came the potholes. The road that goes by my house out front seems to have popped out with new craters overnight.

Yes, craters. You should see the one down at the corner - a real axle-buster. I found it (the hard way) the first time while it was still hidden under a great puddle - kachunk! It was just as I got to the four-way stop though, so at least I was going very slowly when I hit the thing. And now I know where it is, to be careful of it.

There’s one stretch of road near here that I call the minefield. No matter how many times they fix all the potholes, next thing you know, that road is full of them again.

I guess the pavement has become weak there. So as soon as the storm comes, it finds the weakness, and breaks the pothole open again.

Storms are like that; they always find the weakness.

I’ve been going through some storms lately. Storms of emotions. Storms of situations. They swirl in, roar all over me, come nigh to drown me - and lay bare every weakness within me.


On the other hand…

The area where I live has endured drought conditions for about 10 years now. So to get rain at all is a wonder. To get a gully washer is spectacular.

And yet, we get the rain we so badly need - and we complain about it. Like rain is a curse and not a blessing.


Same with storms of the emotions and situations. They stir things up, lay bare our weaknesses, throw us for a loop. And we complain. But maybe, just maybe, they are watering something in us that is dry and perishing. Maybe we would have shriveled up and died if the storms hadn’t come along and battered us.

And maybe the storm are useful to lay bare the weaknesses that need mending.


Paul spoke of light afflictions working in us an eternal weight of glory. [2 Cor 4:17] Paul, who was arrested and imprisoned and beaten and nearly stoned to death. Paul, who went through false accusations and shipwrecks and desertions by his friends. Paul counted these things in his life as ‘light afflictions’ - makes me feel like such a wimp!

Storms - big and small - gully washers to hurricaines - eventually they past. They leave behind a mess; they expose all the weaknesses in our lives.

But then we can see where we need to rebuild. And especially, we can hand the weak areas over to the Master Builder, the LORD Jesus Christ, and let HIM do the rebuilding.

Rebuilding in HIS image.

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