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Saturday, September 25, 2004
the washing machine!

Finally remembering to post about that washing machine...

Back in March, my washing machine started acting up. It stopped spinning properly, so that the clothes would come out of the cycle still fairly wet. Some of them in the bottom would even be sopping wet. I would have to wring them out by hand before putting them in the dryer. And even with wringing the water out of them, I would often have to run the dryer an extra cycle to get them dry.

And what did I do? What do you think I did? I grumbled about it!

I didn't have any spare money to fix or replace the thing. And with 7 kids, the washer is in just about constant use. And I would stand there at the machine, pulling out wet clothes, wringing them by hand, murmuring and complaining under my breath.

And one day as I was doing that, I heard a voice very clearly in my head say, 'Why don't you thank ME for a new washing machine instead?'

That floored me. It was the LORD, of course. And I knew better than to be whining and complaining. So - I apologized. And started doing what HE had just told me to do. I started thanking HIM for a new washing machine. Every time I stuck my hand into the old machine and pulled out those very wet clothes, it would remind me to be grateful that the LORD was going to provide me with a new washing machine. And I would thank HIM for it.

I didn't know how HE was going to do that. But HE said to thank HIM for it. So I did.

It was about three weeks later that I got an envelope in the mail from my parents. Big envelope full of legal papers and such, stuff about their wills. I pulled out the papers and tossed the envelope on the desk top.

As I was looking over the legal papers, my 6 year old came and picked up the envelope I had discarded. 'Oh,' I said, 'honey, would you throw that away for me?'

She started to, then looked inside it first. 'Momma,' she said, 'there's something still in here.' And she reached in and pulled out

A small envelope. And inside that was

A check. For $2000. Which I had not expected would be in there.

And I had nearly had her throw it away!


Can you guess what I did the next day? Yep - I went to the store and got me a new washing machine!

Thank YOU, LORD Jesus!

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