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Saturday, October 23, 2004
the cabbage story

One day back in the summer of 2002, I was getting ready to fix supper for my kids. Earlier in the day I had boiled a head of cabbage, and I now had this huge bowl in the bottom of the fridge full of the leftovers of the cabbage along with the water I had boiled it in.

I decided to go over to the counter and get something else done first, intending to then bring the bowl of cabbage out of the fridge to heat it up.

Apparently my 2-year-old daughter had figured out what my plans were, because without asking me, without me seeing her, she decided she was going to 'help' me. So she went over to the fridge to bring out the cabbage. The very very big and heavy bowl of cabbage...

The first I knew of what she was doing, was the sound. A liquidy sound, like something was pouring across the floor.

Because something was pouring across the floor. It was the sound of cabbage water, spreading across a kitchen floor.

And there stood my little daughter, this huge plastic bowl dangling from her one tiny fist, an incredulous look on her face, as everything in the bowl landed splat in the floor.

And then the strangest thing happened - I started laughing.

Yes, laughing. Not screeching, not hollering, not pitching a hissy fit - all the things I would ordinarily have done. No, I started laughing.

My middle son was there is the kitchen with us, watching, his eyes bugging out at the sight of such a huge mess. I told him to go bring a towel to mop up the mess with. As he turned to go get it, I called after him to get the biggest towel he could find.

And what did he bring me back? A wash cloth. A wash cloth!

And what came out of my mouth? Screeching, hollering, hissy-fit-pitching?

No. Just more laughing. And then I sent him back for an actual towel, and then I went and got one myself, and the two of us cleaned up the mess.

(Btw - I gathered up all the cabbage from off the floor, washed it off, heated it up, and then I served it anyway. Shh! Don't tell!)


I would like to say that that was the end of my temper - that I have never pitched a hissy fit since. I would like to say that, yeah. It wouldn't be true. I pitched a fit at the kids just this past week, trying to get them to get ready and out the door for school. I still need a lot of work on my temper. A lot.

So pray for me, please.

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