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Wednesday, October 13, 2004
can you top this...

I have taken to carrying a small notebook about with me, into which I write out thoughts to become blog entries. And then sometimes, I write in my notebook, and forget to ever type up what I have written and post it...

Case in point: written on 5 oct 04 - forgotten about till now.

can you top this...

That was the name of an old tv show (from before my time). I got to see a game like that being played in real life once. It wasn't pretty.

It happened shortly after I got engaged to the man I would marry and shortly before we actually married. I wound up stuck in a room for at least an hour with two women I had never met before. The two of them were sisters-in-law, married to a pair of brothers. And these women were the ones playing the game.

And in their game of 'Can You Top This?' the category was 'I Married the Stupider Brother.'

Seriously. I am not kidding. Oh, they didn't call it 'Can You Top This' of course. But that is what they were doing. Almost their entire conversation was tales of their husbands' idiocies, punctuated with gales of laughter. 'My husband is so dumb, he did _________.' 'Oh, that's nothing - my husband is so dumb, he did ________!'

And it went on like that. And on. And on. And I longed for escape...

And I also kept wondering - what if their husbands were to show up suddenly and hear the two of them talking about them like that? How would their husbands feel? Wouldn't they feel betrayed?

It was sobering. I looked forward to my own upcoming marriage - and took instruction. I made a promise to myself right then, that I would not pull such a stunt on my soon-to-be husband. Not to belittle him, or put him down. Or especially not to make him the punch line of stupid jokes.

Respect. Isn't that what a husband wants?

I hope I always showed that to my beloved late husband. I think I did.


Of course, the thing about it was, having cut myself off from complaining about him to anyone else, I was left with only being able to complain about him to GOD.

Well, that works - GOD is the only one who can really do something about it!

There were many times that I would get furious with my husband, and storm out of the house and slam the door and go stomp around in the yard, pacing back and forth, complaining sotto voce about that man to the LORD. 'LORD, YOU talk to him! Tell him what he's doing wrong!'

And the LORD would gently - and I think, bemusedly - hear me out and calm me down, and then tell me, 'Now - about your part in this, little one, where you are wrong...'


HE's good at that, you know.

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