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Friday, October 15, 2004
the choice

About a month ago, when I first started blogging, my intention was for my very first posting to be on the topic of 'happiness is a choice.' Well...

It was while I was writing it up, that things in my life swirled out of control into madness - or perhaps maddeningness - which led to my rant-at-GOD-under-the-stars (as chronicled in 'compassion'). And things went from there. The continued snotty/foul-mouth/hatefulness-towards-each-other of my children. Misunderstandings among my friends. Long term waiting (still) for something I want very badly.

And I realize - I am being tested. Do I really believe that happiness is a choice? that I can buck the circumstances around me, and choose to be happy anyway? how bad can things get, and I still be happy?

And after all that has gone on (and still goes on and on and on...) - yes, I still believe it. I still believe that no matter how ugh-ish life gets around me, I have the choice of how I react to it. And that I still can choose to be happy no matter what.

Now whether I actually do choose happiness no matter what - well, that is another question! Do I fail to do what I believe in? Yes. Sometimes I do. Maybe often I do. But I still believe it.

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