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Tuesday, October 05, 2004
driving on fumes

With the gas prices so high lately, I keep putting off refilling the tank till I have to, in the hopes of finding a better price - somewhere!

So it's not surprising that one day not so long ago, I cut it a little too fine...

I had taken the kids to the library and we were now heading for the store. I was planning to buy a little gas once we got to the store. I knew we were really low. Getting close to driving on fumes, I thought.

That was an understatement!

We were coming through town when I realized that the car was beginning to run funny. Of course, we had just passed the last gas station for the mext mile! I pulled over into the right-hand lane, in case the car died entirely, in case I might ned to get off quickly into the shoulder. We kept going...

And then the car did die, and I did have to get off into the shoulder. I could see the next gas station, about a quarter-mile ahead.

We were in the shoulder lane, but I hadn't hit the brakes yet. We were still rolling...

And it was slightly uphill...

Rolling, rolling, rolling. Praying - "LORD, just a little further!" Rolling...

Coming up on the corner - gas station on the far right, just beyond the red light.

Red light! Oh yes, it was red.

Rolling, rolling, rolling. Slowing. Praying. Coming up on the intersection...


Rolling on - right through the intersection, into the parking lot, right up to the pump.


Thank YOU, Jesus!

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