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Friday, October 15, 2004
some thoughts on the movie 'lord of the rings: two towers'

I was going through some old notes (hastily scribbled in a darkened theater) from when I first got to see this movie.

From first viewing, Jan 2003:

When you ride out into the teeth of danger, expect deliverance! for you shall get it [Ps 121]

When the enemy blows a hole in the wall of defense, he doesn't do it for no reason. Plug up the hole! Rally there to defend your people.

Sam was unswervingly loyal and trusting of Frodo no matter what - even when Frodo, under the malevolent influence of the ring, turned on him. So should we be towards one another as Christians - even knowing as we do that as humans we will still fail one another, sometimes deliberately, sometimes not. Yet we should trust one another. Implicitly. But we cannot do that without first trusting the LORD unswervingly and implicitly. After all, is it not HE, the LORD, who is putting us together into one body - placing each one as HE will? Does not HE the LORD know each one of us thoroughly, what we are and will be, what we do now and will do? HE knows that we will fail one another, and when, and in what manner. and yet it seems the me that HE uses even our failures one towards the other for our good, for our training. Romans 8:28. Whatever our failures, HE graciously and lovingly turns them to HIS good. But we need to, as Peter, repent and return - and not, as Judas, despair and die.

The conversation between Aragorn and Arwen. I don't remember exactly what she said, but it had something to do with the path he was on being his destiny. I think of Ps 23 - HE leads me in the paths of righteousness for HIS name's sake. We as Christians do have a destiny - each of us a certain work, at least one, that the LORD has before us for us to do. We may not see it - or we may see it but see no way to get there to do it - but again! unswerving trust in the LORD! HE knows the work, and He knows the way. Only following HIM will get us there, following hard after HIM. HE will surely lead us aright, in HIS own timing and way.

How could Gandalf, so small, stand up against the balrog - a demon, and so large! - unless he knew (and knew with assurance) the power backing him up! And even as he was falling, falling to what must certainly be his death - even then, he was staying on mission, telling the others to run, to escape. And then chasing the demon, continuing to fight, never flagging till the demon died. So must we be, ever on mission for our dear master King Jesus, knowing with certainty and assurance the Power that backs us up.

And these, from my 2nd viewing of the same movie, mar 03:

The sensitive one is in the greater danger. (Frodo, hiding from the ringwraiths)

Sometimes a betrayal of trust happens to save a life. (Frodo luring Gollum out to be captured rather than killed)

When all hope fails - speak courage, not despair. (Helm's Deep)

How did it get to this? a little sleep, a little slumber... (Someone asked that question; I've forgotten who.)

There is always hope - for without it, all courage dies. (Helm's Deep)

It just takes one arrow to start the war. (Helm's Deep)

Into the breach! That's where the battle is - meet it! (When the enemy blew a whole in the outer wall defenses)

If you're part of this world - you have part in this war.

Turn the enemy's devices on his head! (Aragorn using an enemy ladder for his own purpose)

In the throes of the ring-spell, Frodo could not hear even Sam. (In Osgiliath)

The light of GOD shall blind the enemy. (Gandalf at the break of dawn)


By the way, in Silmarillion, Tolkien apparently has it that Gandalf and the other wizards were a class of lower ranking angels.


My two gripes about the trilogy:

No Tom Bombadil, and

Left out my favorite line, about someone having to give things up and lose them, that others might have them. That line sums up the entire trilogy - I really wanted to hear Frodo say it.

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