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Friday, October 08, 2004
the traitor

Paul really describes it in Romans 7:

For the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do. (v 19)

What a struggle it is, struggling to do the things that are right, and to not do the things that are wrong!

I was having some pretty deep struggles lately. Under attack by the thoughts of my own head.

Does that sound strange? Has it ever occurred to you that not every thought that zips into your brain is your own? Well, these thoughts that were showing up in my head were not my own. They seemed sweet, all sugar-coated and all - but they were tempting me, sweet-talking me, to sin.

What sin it was does not matter. It is enough to say that I - the inner me, my heart, my mind - I hate this sin.

But my body loves it. And that is the problem.

For while with my mind I was battling the temptation, resisting it, shutting the doors against it - my body (the traitor!) was over at the side flinging open a window to let the sin sneak in.

So that I found myself with two enemies to battle: the temptation to sin was one, and my own traitorous body was the other.

And while I was trying to resist the foreign thoughts coming against me, here was my traitorous body, agreeing with the enemy, saying, 'aw, come on - it'll be fun!'

and, 'you know you wanna,'

and, 'look - let's just do this, and repent afterwards - we can do that.'

Till it wore me down...

And I did the sin...

And felt so crummy and stupid afterwards!

And, yes, had to repent.

Had to come up with a new battle plan, also. I can't fight two enemies at once!

Ah, but that was the problem: I wasn't really fighting my body. So next time...

Next time, I'm gonna be ruthless with my body. Body is not gonna side with the enemy and talk me into stuff. Body is gonna submit!

To the LORD Jesus.

Like James 4 says.

And once body is in line, then I can resist the enemy with all my being.

And he will have to flee.

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