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Wednesday, November 10, 2004
just a simple trip to the library

...except we never got there.

After school this afternoon, my oldest daughter asked me to drop her off at the library. My oldest son decided to stay home. So my daughter and I went to pick up the five other kids from school and head over to the library.

We got on the highway and were chugging along, the usual amount of squabbling going on in the back, when there came this little sound. Like a pop.

And then a louder sound. Like a flapping.

And then the car slowed down.

I was in the slow lane anyway, preparing to get off. We were almost to the exit ramp. All we needed to do was to go uphill over the overpass.

And I was beginning to wonder if I would need to get out and push. It was slowing down sooooooo much!

Prayer got us over the hill. Somehow, we got off the highway, and then across the frontage road. And into a parking lot. Whew!

I hopped out of the car, looking for some help. Tried the door of the business we were parked at - only to discover it was a big empty. So I tried the next business. A nice young man there offered to come change the tire for me. I thought, no problem. He'll change the tire, we'll backtrack to the Wal*Mart to get a new tire, let the kids eat at the McD's in the WM - then on our merry way.



One of the lug nuts was stuck. And I mean stuck! The young man tried his best, but that thing just was not budging.

I thanked him, and started making calls from my cell phone. Called a lady from church whose son has worked on my car a few times before - and got her answering machine. Tried the church next. It was nearly 5 pm, so I wasn't sure if anyone would still be there.

But bless his heart! Brother Joseph was there. He took down the directions to where we were and said he and some others would be there shortly.

After a bit, the phone rang again. This time it was my friend's son - he and a buddy were coming too.

So soon I had lots of help. But that stubborn lug nut would. Not. Budge.

One of the men said he would look for a tire shop and drove off. He returned in two minutes with a mechanic. See, it turns out that when I got off the highway and pulled into the first driveway...

...the second driveway was a mechanics shop.

So the guys got my car and my kids over to the mechanics. And they worked and worked and worked...

And then it was 7 pm. So one of the young men offered to sardine me and my kids into his car and take us to church.

Which we did.

I left the spare keys with Brother Joseph. He said he would bring the car to the church for me once the mechanic cut the lug nut off and got the 'donut' put on.

(I learned tonight that the miniature spare tire in the back of my car is a donut. I never knew...)

So - we got to church. And got home. And tomorrow, I get to take the kids to school, riding on the 'donut' - and then to the WM for a new tire (and rim, likely).

Did I mention that, out of the blue, someone in my family had sent me a check this week? So I can pay for all this.

The LORD is good. Really really excellently good.

My Jesus...

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