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Wednesday, November 17, 2004
what i've been up to

When I started blogging back in sept, the first name I gave my site was 'the infrequent blogger.' And I seem to have reverted to infrequent blogging, haven't I?

I have been writing. Just not much non-fiction. Over at my fiction site, though, I've been putting up a new chapter on my story 'the child' every 3 days or so.

It's odd how that story started. I was praying, asking the LORD to give me a story to place on my fiction site. And the first sentence popped into my head. So I repeated the sentence over and over again (so I wouldn't lose it) while I finished what I was doing (laundry) and hurried to the computer to write it down.

I wrote it down, 'cause I was curious to see what would come next. That was a little over a month ago, and I now have 16 chapters online, another 4 written in the editing/revision stage - and at last, some inkling of where all this is going! Whew!

Yeah, I have a funny way of writing. Almost like just being the secretary at times.

And then what many of you may not know (as if I have this huuuuuuuge readership here!) is that I am also writing a novel. And have been for quite a while now. When I started on it, I wrote that the main character was 10 years old - because, at the time, my oldest child was 10.

My oldest is now 15, going on 16 - and the novel is not yet 1/2 done!

Well - I took a rather long break from it. I was working on it, about 1/4 of the way through, deep into the third draft - when my husband died. And it happened the part I was writing at the time featured a character that was based on him. Which made it very hard to write. It was about a year before I could come back to it and write that section.

Finally finished that section - almost done with the next - and about to go back to the beginning, I think, and read through the entire novel, do some fine-tuning, make sure the main character stays 'in character' - all that good stuff. Before going on to finish the 6th section of the book - at which point I'll be half-way through.

I keep wanting to write something to place here. But for now, fiction seems to be the focus. So that's where I am.

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