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Wednesday, December 08, 2004
migratory socks

My kids must think we have migratory socks. Which we don't. But they must think that any sock, skinned off a foot and dropped at any point throughout this house, is going to get up and hop or slide or slither its way into the bathroom and jump into the hamper.

Well, guess what - that ain't gonna happen. Someone has to actually walk around this house and pick up those socks, for them to get in that hamper.

Wonder who gets to go gather the socks, hmmm?

Wonder who gets to clean up after my messes - after the dirty gunky socks I leave scattered about my life?

Makes it a bit easier, cleaning up after other people's messes, knowing the LORD does so much greater than that - in cleaning up after me.

Thanks for visiting my Shadow blog. I hope to put more up soon - it's finished in my head, I promise. Sorry I haven't written in a while, I teach college and this has been a killer semester for me.

Dr. T
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